10K Lost Boy Sold out in an Hour

A collection of 10,000 randomly born NFTs as LostBoys is launched on Wednesday, August 25 at 11:30 PM IST (2 PM EST/8 PM CET). And people started minting and grabbed Lost boys as soon as possible. The full data is to be established but as per ope sea data, The Lost Boys has sold to 2.7K Owners with the floor price of 0.04 at 192 volume traded. It’s sold out. I hope the value increases as days pass.

Each lost boy has one combination of over 3 million, with a minimum of two traits, the original eyes, making each of them unique in their own way. To top it off, every lostboy will include an original LOSTBOY song to make things even more special. Yes, music, Every NFT will have a LOSTBOY-original song. The maximum number of traits is 10 – and there is a total of 205 variables from which each lost boy can be born with.

Mint Price = 0.05 ETH

Story of Lost Boy

To be a lost boy is to be an accidental paradox. Lost boys are their own harshest critics and loudest supporters – they seem confident but work overtime to quiet their insecurities. They calm their chronic dissatisfaction through relentless self-reflection.

Lost boys are dreamers, navigating their day to day with their feet on the ground but their heads elsewhere. They’re extroverted introverts, surrounded by people but hanging out in their minds.

A lost boy is a pessimistic optimist – always hopeful for better days, yet easily triggered by external negativity.


We aim to create a community of people who have picked themselves up more times than they can count and came out stronger every single time.

Our lost boys are a shared icon of strength. A signifier that all lost boys share the same language – they’re survivors, they’re dreamers, and even when they feel like they’re battling on their own – they’re reminded that they’re part of an army of fighters.

Our goal is to develop a virtual safe space – a judgment-free zone where there’s a multitude of people who want to listen to each other’s struggles. A space where you may find guidance, and you might find comfort, but will always find the freedom to express yourself.

Mint Price is 0.05 ETH . Included in the smart contract is a 10% donation of every minted lostboy that will be distributed to selected mental health organizations to help them keep helping those who can’t help themselves. In order to sustain this positive change & generate constant funds, 2% after-sales will be donations to the organizations.

Open Sea Collection

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