5 Most Haunted Places in India

5 Most Haunted Places in India

Brij Raj Bhavan Heritage Hotel, Kota



Rajasthan is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country and attracts several foreigners too every year to its historic forts and majestic palaces. But it is also infamous for the number of haunted places it is believed to have. We’ve already told you about Bhangarh Fort where the Archaeological Survey of India doesn’t permit people to enter the premises after sunset. We’ve also told you about Kuldhara which is an abandoned village where no one lives. And today we tell you about another haunted place in Rajasthan, the Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel in Kota.

A palace that was once home to Major Charles Burton and is now a heritage hotel, is rather infamous for being a haunted property. The story goes that Major Burton was killed here by Indian sepoys during the mutiny of 1857. He was holed up in one of the upper rooms with his two sons as sepoys looted the palace. When they surrendered after five hours of the siege, the soldiers killed all of them.

The British later buried their bodies in the Kota cemetery with full military rights and reclaimed the property which later became the property of the Maharaja of Kota. But in the ’70s, the government renovated it and it became the Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel.

The property soon became the talk of the town when people began saying that it was haunted by the ghost of Major Charles Burton. Even though his spirit does not really harm anyone, guards working here have often heard a man’s voice speaking in English and commanding them to not fall asleep or smoke. And if they do fall asleep on duty, the ghost even slaps them to wake them up. This incident has happened with quite a number of guards. Though guests haven’t had much of a problem here, some have complained of feeling a sudden discomfort in some parts of the palace hotel.

Forts of Bhangarh, Rajasthan



Located in the Alwar region, the uninhabited town of Bhangarh is one of the eeriest places imaginable and is unanimously considered as one of India’s most haunted places. It is considered to be so dangerous that even the Archaeological Survey of India has legally prohibited anyone from entering the Bhangarh Fort after dark.

The legend goes that during the 16th century, a tantric named Singhia fell in love with Ratnavati, the beautiful princess of Bhangarh. And knowing it was a hopeless match, decided to use his magic to seduce her. However, the princess uncovered his plans and sentenced him to death. Before his death, enraged by the turn of events, he cursed the palace to doom and the town to be roofless and miserable forever. Nearby locals believe that anyone who goes into the fort after dark won’t make it back, so visit at your own peril.


Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan



Rajasthan sure does have the choicest selection of deserted ghostly villages and towns! The Kuldhara village is located near Jaisalmer and was originally inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins. The lore speaks of the sudden disappearance of all the villagers of Kuldhara as well as 83 other nearby villages in 1825 into thin air, leaving no trace of their whereabouts. It is said that the minister of state had fallen in love with a girl from the village and had threatened to impose huge taxes upon the entire village unless they married her to him. To protect the honor of the girl, the chief of Kulhara and surrounding areas abandoned their villages and cursed the land to remain unoccupied for eternity.


Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal


A small hill station near Darjeeling, Kurseong is a beautiful place famous for its world-class residential schools. But this scenic town has its own dark side, replete with stories of murder and horror. Victoria Boys’ School of Kurseong is believed to be a haunted place plagued with many spirits. Locals claim that they hear footsteps, whispers and other noises coming from the school even when it remains closed. The forest area of Kurseong, on the other hand, is the setting for the tale of the headless boy. Woodcutters, who wander into the forest in line of duty, have reported spotting a young headless boy. They add that the spirit disappears into the trees after some time.


Jatinga, Assam


This tiny village with a population of 2500 has one of the most puzzling phenomena in the world, namely recurring mass bird suicides. For centuries now, local and migratory birds plummet to the ground in large numbers on moonless nights of September and October only on a specific area. This has baffled scientists who can’t find any reasonable justification for birds dropping dead from the sky in such a pattern and it is extremely disturbing to say the least.


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