NB Miner Update Restores 70% of NVIDIA 30 LHR Mining Performance

NBMiner is software that aids with the mining of Ethereum. According to the developers, the software now restores up to 70% of the mining performance of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-series GPUs with LHR (lite hash-rate). NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3070, RTX 3060 Ti, and RTX 3060 are LHR by default. This SKU, however, has been unlocked by NVIDIA themselves, who ‘accidentally’ released a driver that removed the hash rate limiter. The hash-rate limiter throttles the GPU when subjected to workloads resembling mining, intending to make them unprofitable for miners.

The most recent NBMiner update does not entirely restore mining performance for LHR, but it does so by working around the LHR restrictions that were previously in place. The hash rate for ETH mining has increased from 50 percent to 68-70 percent, which is a significant increase. It is also the first public miner to include improvements to the LHR GPU mining performance. However, the hack only supports the ethash algorithm at the moment – other mining algorithms may be supported in the near future
The NB Miner update does not unlock the hashing performance of LHR chips in any manner. Instead, it provides an adjustable percentage that the application tries to achieve as much as possible.

Miners will probably have the LHR series on their radars with this new development. This comes as bad news for gamers as another shortage may be on the horizon.

GFx LHRNB Miner Update 68%
RTX 309060MH/s81.6MH/s
RTX 308049MH/s66.64MH/s
RTX 307031MH/s42.16MH/s
RTX 3060 Ti30MH/s40.8MH/s
RTX 306020MH/s27.2MH/s

However, NBMiner with its latest update might change that. NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 LHR series is based on an entirely different Ampere SKU range. You can see the changelog below for NBMiner’s v39.0:

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