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Elo is an artist from Singara Chennai. He did his graduation from Loyola (2002-2005) in Visual Communication and Loves to do sketches anytime, anywhere, and he suggests that’s what led him to the creative art field. He started his career as a designer in Sathyam cinemas. He states that “It was an incredible eight years with them.” He learned a lot about marketing, branding, design. Then he stepped into a digital illustration by joining Chandamama. That’s where he first saw the digital drawing tablet and was so fascinated with it since then. And then he started doing digital caricatures of celebrities. My wife was encouraged to take it to the next level, like making customized jokes. Then started promoting online with a blog and a Facebook page in 2010. No Twitter or Instagram is available those days. From there, no looking back and still going strong with my customized caricature business. I mostly do wedding caricature cards. I own @caricatureweddingcards.

He still works as a full-time creative manager and manages freelance illustrations. His NFT journey begins here; He started doing regular sketches and posting them on Instagram only from the first lockdown. So he found people selling artworks as NFTs, and he kept bugging them with questions. Some responded, and some ignored. Luckily @nftmalayali group, especially @nadameldesigns and @melvinthambi, helped with the foundation invite and guided him on getting started. He’s very thankful to them. And We also heard a lot about them and following for a couple of months; their achievements are incredible and breathtaking.

He also suggests, As an NFT Artist, “We need to do some basic research on how the NFT platform works, Understand the collector’s perspective, find out who collects what and why” . Promote your work to them via Twitter and Instagram. Not by spamming them, but Some collectors responded with lots of advice. When you create good quality illustrations or design, people will support and encourage you—That’s what he learned here. He further said, “NFT space is an excellent platform for artists like us, and It helps us grow both economically, and we get to meet and reach lots of people worldwide.

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