NFT Artist Shoutout – Sabareesh Ravi

Sabareesh Ravi

Today, Our big shoutout to Sabareesh Ravi from Kochi, Kerala. He is a father of 2 kids and Settled in Kochi. His wife, Salija is a Dentist by profession, and Sabareesh is running a small design studio, Thinkermill; as a team, they do branding, UI design, animation, packaging, video ads, etc. He also worked as a UI/UX designer.

We asked, When did he get interested in Art? His reply was, LKG. He started doing Art from LKG itself, and we are happy that he is still doing what he loves. He did Masters of Arts (University of Hertfordshire), and BFA Applied art RLV thripunithura. He was inspired by many designers from Behance, his classmates in Fine arts college. He thinks research, observation, and practice are vital to become a successful artist. Now comes the essential part which paved the way for his unique NFTs. He loves lettering art, and we can see why. His 3D lettering NFTs have a respective fanbase. Now his professional goal is to become a successful artist, and he loves the concept of being able to do what he loves to do from the bottom of his heart. Like most artists, he came to know about NFTs like 3 or 4 months back. He got into NFT when John Paul forced him to join because of his potential. Anathan Nadamel(NFT Malayali) helped me in each stage moving forward. His dream plan is to do a movie. His advice to the budding artist is; Make a plan, do research in the current industry & always go with trends and try to recreate with your own style, which aligns with the trends, and that will make the Art reach wider. We came to the end of the article, and I request everyone who reads this to check his socials and support him in this beautiful journey. Also, Check his website Thinkermill

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