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SHABARI GIRISAN is a 24-year-old self-taught artist from Tamilnadu, Trichy. As a child, he used to scribble a lot. He showed interest in art from the age of 10. Other than being an artist, he also worked as an Automobile designer in Daimler India Commercial Vehicles. He learned just like most of the artists nowadays, from YouTube, Udemy and Domestika etc. His tutors are Piximperfect, Safii Clon, And a couple of Domestika artists. He also suggests that Domestika is a good platform for learning different illustration techniques. When asked about what’s integral to an artist’s work, he said consistency with art practice and exploring new ideas make one unique than the other. He Heard of NFT a few months back. Saw a glimpse from Prasad Bhat‘s Insta post, and then I tried to be a part of FND but got into Byteblock, WazirX and Kalamint. Yoggstagram and a couple of artists helped me. He enjoys doing Harry Potter art like Cards for Cars, Krypto Karadis, Lineart Gundams, Abstract movie frames, etc. His motive in NFT space is to get his art in everyone’s collections. His dream project will be creating a whole array of cars and a ton of Krypto Karadis. Professionally, he wants to crack the GATE exam in an IIT for, abroad for further studies and exploring jobs, simultaneously art and NFTs.

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