NFT Artist Shoutout -Yogsstagram

Yogi AKA yogsstagram is a 19-year-old self-taught vector illustration artist from South India. An artist who doesn’t fit into a single category does every artwork in his own style. He learns every day and executes his ideas in his own way. He was inspired by many artists around the community and he inspires other fellow artists/designers. You can find Yogi’s NFT’s here.

Still, many of us here(India-South) doesn’t acknowledge crypto and nft space, and We hope it will change with the success of artists like Yogi. To support the NFT Artist in Tamilnadu we created NFT Tamizha to connect with the community.

Yogsstagram Socials Below




If you want to get featured in this NFT Shoutout Campaign, do fill this google form and dm/mail us for further procedures

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