Nintendo 64 Kids – Memes are becoming NFTs

NFT is so buzz right now and the memes that were shared widely are now available as NFT for collectors to buy/trade. So what memes so far have been sold as NFTS? Here comes the list starting with the auction of Overly Attached Girlfriend which sold for 200ETH i.e $583782 US Dollars at the time of this article was written (hereafter ref as ATAW) to 3F Music. Disaster Girl sold for 180.00 ETH($527,720.40,ATAW ) to 3F Music. Yes, most of the NFTs are owned by 3F Music, Including the Side Eyeing Chloe for 25 ETH ($73,357.75, ATAW).

So today(29-SEP), the Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR video was minted and listed as NFT in Foundation with a reserve price of 3.00 ETH($8,824.44, ATAW). The auction is started at 3ETH and went all the way up to 50ETH.

N64 Kids has been digitally remastered for the 25th anniversary of the release of the Nintendo 64 and is offered as a 1/1 NFT by Brandon and Rachel. The awesome part of this NFT is The initial owner will receive the actual N64 from the video which can be traded as Physical assets as well. Isn’t that cool?

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