PUBG Mobile Indian Version Google Play Store Advance Clearance – Coming Anytime Soon ?

PUBG Mobile India appears to be made available in Play store without any review process holding it up. But no official words for PUBG Corp neither from Play store , this information is claimed by GEM Esports . They took Instagram to claim that their verified sources states, The Google Play store review team have been briefed stating to have the app published live instantly and not to be held for review.

Gem Esports declares thier source as legitimate for their claim.“The source wants to be anonymous and has showed us additional information which confirms that he has links to the Google Play Store team. He also claims, this briefing was sent out on November 13th as well and was later told to be removed. Again, yesterday(24th November) it’s being notified again” stated in GEM Esports Instagram description

PUBGMobile India Facebook Page ia now Officially Verified

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