Twin Flames photograph taking a NFT space by surprise selling for million

Yes, you heard it right. A Photography NFT is sold for 1.1m USD. Twin Flames, an Ethereum NFT photography series by Justin Aversano, is auctioned off live by Christie’s in New York in an exhibition called “Photographs.”The piece, Twin Flames #83 “Bahareh & Farzaneh,” will be the lone NFT featured alongside physical pieces by storied photographers like Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, and Hiroshi Sugimoto, among others.Conceived as a tribute to Aversano’s twin brother, who passed away in utero, Twin Flames is a collection spanning 100 photos, each of a different set of twins. Taken around the world between 2017 and 2018, the photos showcase a wide array of subjects in the location and apparel of their respective choosing, all united by the shared attribute of being twins.Minted as Ethereum-based NFTs in February, Twin Flames are now coveted by collectors. Snoop Dogg and Gary Vaynerchuk both own Twin Flames NFTs, and the portrait collection has yielded nearly $13 million worth of trading volume to date, per OpenSea. One NFT in the collection was sold in August for 506 ETH, or nearly $1.9 million at the time.The buyer of the Twin Flames NFT will also get 100 physical prints of the full Twin Flames set, and Christie’s estimates a $100,000 to $150,000 sale price for the combined lot. But given Twin Flames’ own recent sales history on NFT marketplaces—including a 110 ETH ($378,800) sale on Monday—and how other recently auctioned NFTs have outperformed estimates, there may be potential for a much higher finish. (Snoop Dogg believes it could smash the record for any single photo ever sold at auction.)

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