Wazirx Referral 2021 Update

Wazirx on August 12, introduced a brand-new use case of WRX. Effective from 15th August 2021. The referral commission now will be paid in WRX! Awesome right? You can use the referral code: be8ehzzs or Just click here to claim


WazirX referral program offers the highest commission payout of 50% of every trade your friends make. Until now, the referral commission was paid out in the markets that your friends traded in – INR, USDT, etc. For example, if someone you referred to WazirX traded ETH/USDT, you’d receive your referral commission in USDT.

Going forward, you will receive all referral commissions in the form of equivalent WRX tokens! You can hold, or trade those WRX.

Also, Pls do support 1000 Days of #IndiaWantsCrypto started by Wazirx

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